How to apply UMID (Unique Medical Identity) smart health card for Railway Employees/Pensioners ?

How to apply UMID smart health card for Railway Employees/Pensioners?

The UMID (Unique Medical Identity) is a smart health care system in Indian Railway. This smart card is an issue for all Railway Employees, Pensioners, Dependents and porters/Coolies. UMID provides various types of benefits like apply for smart cards from web/mobile app, Identification at any health unit, ease to update particulars, automatically generate OPD slips through Kiosk, helps in initiating debits & credits between health units.

How to apply UMID card ?

Before application of UMID smart health card you should require the below-mentioned documents:

All documents are to be scanned in JPG/JPEG format before initiate the application form.

For Employee:-

        • Colour passport size photograph of employee and all the dependants
        • Signature of Employee
        • Old medical ID card/Pass declaration form of employee with controlling officer/Supervisor.
        • Aadhar card of Employee and all dependants

For Pensioners:-

        • Colour Passport size photograph of pensioner and all the dependants
        • Signature of Pensioner
        • Old medical ID card.
        • ID proof of all individual dependants.

Other checklists of dependants:

Relation with Employee Marital Status Documents required
Mother Widow Father Death Certificate
Stepmother Widow Father Death Certificate
Son/Step Son Unmarried If students are above 21 yrs., Bonafide Certificate
Daughter/Step Daughter Divorced Divorce Decree
Daughter/Step Daughter Widow Marriage Certificate & Death certificate of her husband
Brother/Stepbrother Unmarried Father death certificate and if student above 21 yrs, Bonafide Certificate
Sister/Step Sister Unmarried Father Death Certificate
Sister/Step Sister Widow Father Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate & Death Certificate of her husband.
Sister/Step Sister Divorced Father Death Certificate and Divorced Decree
  1. Registration Procedure:-

Attention please- for better user experience, you are kindly using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

        • Go to   on web or mobile application @ google play store.
        • Click on Register Here
        • Then click on Employee/Pensioners if you are an Employee/Pensioners respectively.
        • Fill in the validate details as Employee P.F. No., PAN Number, Date of Birth if you are an employee.
        • Fill in the validated details as PPO No., Pensioner type, Pension Scheme, Date of Birth if you are a Pensioner.
        • Click on Validate Details and fill in the Employee Name &Mobile no.
        • Then click on Send OTP.
        • Now check your message inbox on your mobile & enter OTP then click on verify OTP.
        • If, OTP has not been received by your Mobile, further click on resend OTP button.
        • You can see a new page for creating a new password as your choice (password must contain a minimum of 8 digits + One alphabet + one number + one special character.
        • Here registration process END.

2. Application Initiate Procedure:-

Before initiating the application, you should know your BLOOD GROUP, EMAIL ID, CITY, HEALTH UNIT OPTION (List of Health Unit options are furnished at the last of this page) and you must know about Blood Group, Mobile No., Email ID of your family members.

Let’s go to Initiate Application:-

        • Go to the login page & log in with PF No. and Password.
        • Click on Initiate application and fill up details of self & family members.
        • Upload relevant documents (as per Checklist) of self and family members.
        • Then click on SUBMIT button.
        • Here Initiate Application process has been completed.

After a week, you should check periodically MY APPLICATION STATUS.