Good News for Rail Employees- Extension of Validity of Passes/PTOs.

Extension of Validity of Passes.

RBE No.45/2020

(रेलवे बोर्ड) (RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(W)2020/PS5-2/7                                                                                   New Delhi, dated 15 .06.2020

The General Managers (Personnel & Commercial)
All Zonal Railways & Production Units.

Sub: Extension of validity of Passes/PTOs consequent to national lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The requests received from National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR), All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF) and others for extending the normal validity period of Passes/PTOs consequent to the situation emerged due to national lockdown and cancellation of passenger train services have been examined in detail in consultation with Commercial Dte. of Railway Board.

  1. Keeping in view the extraordinary circumstances, the Competent Authority has accorded his approval for an extension of validity of Passes/PTOs, permitting the issuance of year-ending Passes/PTOs, etc as per the following guidelines:-

(i) The validity of Privilege Passes (PP)/PTOs, Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) and Widow Passes (WP) shall be extended as indicated in the table below:-

Category Validity to be extended up to
a)     Issued from 23rd Oct 2019 to 30th Nov 2019

15th Jul. 2020

b)     Issued from 01st Dec 2019 to 30th Dec. 2019

15th Aug. 2020

a)  Already issued on/after 31st Dec. 2019 OR
b) To be issued with the national date of 31st Dec. 2019

31st Aug. 2020

a)     Issued from 01st Jan. 2020 to 31st Jan 2020

15th Sep. 2020

b)     Issued from 01st Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

15th Oct. 2020

c)     Issued from 01st Mar 2020 to 31st Mar 2020

15th Nov. 2020


(ii) The Pass Issuing Authorities (PIA) shall make endorsement as “Validity Extended upto ………..”  on the Passes/PTOs as per table under para 2(i) above. Even if ticket booking has been made on such Passes/PTOs for travel during the lockdown period, validity extension endorsement as stipulated shall be made, irrespective of ticket cancellation status.

(iii) The year-ending PP/PRCP/WP/PTOs of 2019, if due, may be issued till the last date of extended validity period ie. 31″ Aug. 2020. However, such Passes/PTOs shall be issued with validity up to 31st Aug. 2020 only, irrespective of the date of issue.

(iv) The Railway Servants, who had retired during the lockdown period and could not draw PP/PTOs as per entitlement while in service, may be permitted to draw PPs/PTOs as admissible under Railway Servants (Pass)
Rules, as a special dispensation. PP /PTOs in such cases may be issued, reckoning the date of retirement as the notional date of issue of PP /PTO, stipulating extended validity on the lines of the table under para 2(i) above.

(v) In the case of full set Passes/PTOs, whose validity expired but only half-set has been used for onward journey, the validity of such Passes/PTOs may be extended as per table under para 2(i) above by the nearest PIA where the
beneficiary is stuck. The PIA will also make an additional endorsement on such Passes/PTOs as “valid for return journey only”.

(vi) (a) In the case of Duty Card Passes, whose validity expired and the pass holder is stuck in any other Station, a fresh Duty Cheque Pass with 15 days validity from the date of resumption of train services to his/her HQ may be
issued by the nearest PIA with the same travel entitlement as stipulated in the expired Duty Card Pass.

(b) In the case of full set Duty Cheque Passes, whose validity expired but only half-set has been used for onward journey, the validity of such Duty Cheque Passes may also be extended by 15 days from the date of resumption of train services to his/her HQ by the nearest PIA with an additional endorsement as “valid for return journey only”.

(vii) The validity of Transfer Passes, Kit Passes, Settlement Passes, School Passes and Special Passes on medical grounds, etc. which have already been issued, may be extended on the lines of table under para 2(i) above by the PIAs, taking due note of associated conditions of such Passes and requirements in view.

(viii) The validity of Passes/PTOs, etc issued to the officials of Railway Audit Department and also the officials of other Departments serving IndianRailways on deputation shall also be extended at par with that of Railway
Servants as per table under para 2(i) above.

(ix) The validity of Complimentary ‘Admin’ Cheque Passes admissible to non-railway servants viz., Staff of Commission of Railway Safety, Sahayaks (Licensed Porters), full-time regular staff employed in quasi-railway
Institutions/Federations/Recognized Unions/SBF Units, etc with validity period at par with Railway Servants may also be extended on the lines of table under para 2(i) above.

  1. The Zonal Railways & PUs may advise all the PIAs under their control to make necessary endorsement(s) on the Passes/PTOs accordingly. The PIAs may also be advised not to stipulate any specific date/time limit on their own for receiving requests for endorsement, drawal of year-ending Passes/PTOs of 2019, etc and to entertain requests till the last day of extended validity period indicated in the table under para 2(i) above to avoid crowding and rush in Pass Sections.
  2. Fresh Passes/PTOs to be issued henceforth against the current calendar year (i.e. 2020) account shall be for the normal validity period of five months only.
  3. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

(V. Muralidharan)
Dy. Director Estt. (Welfare)
Railway Board

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