7th Pay Commission: Travelling Allowance paid under 7th pay commission, see details:-

7th Pay Commission: How much Transport Allowance paid under 7th CPC implementation.

7th pay commission latest news today, 7th CPC news 2020: As per 7th pay commission implementation transport allowances should depend on the level of pay-matrix and density of the area.

The Government has provided transport allowances to all central govt. employees. This allowances should be paid for journey from own house to office and back. According to the category of city, transport allowance decided. There are two categories has been divided by High transport allowance city and other categories.

Travel Allowances:

Level Higher Category City Other Category City
1 to 2 1350.00 + DA 900.00 + DA
3 to 8 3600.00 + DA 1800.00 + DA
9 to above 7200.00 + DA 3600.00 + DA

List of Higher category city:-

Central Government has listed 19 nos. city under covered higher category those are furnished below:

  1. Delhi
  2. Bangaluru
  3. Ahamedabad
  4. Chennai
  5. Gaziabad
  6. Mumbai
  7. Hyderabad
  8. Kanpur
  9. Kolkata
  10. Coimbatore
  11. Indore
  12. Jaipur
  13. Cochi
  14. Lucknow
  15. Nagpur
  16. Patna
  17. Pune
  18. Bhopal
  19. Surat

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                      : 3.5 Lakh Employees will be Removed from Railway.


These staffs, who have car facilities for travel, his TA per month is Rs. 15750.00 plus DA. Car facilities will be provided for pay level 14 or above.


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